Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Best Bow & "Arrows" for kids

We have 4 boys who love the archery range at camp -- it was my favorite, too. We let our oldest have a bow of his own when he was 10, but he was only allowed to practice when his little brothers were safely in the house. The littlest ones' birthday was coming up and we found a great gift -- marshmallow bows & arrows!

They use miniature marshmallows which makes them far superior to the Nerf products. I can get a bag of ammo for $1 and if they're a little stale, so much the better. The bows come in two designs - classic or camo -- so we got one of each for the twins. Check out the video here:

We got ours on sale at and we are thinking of getting the marshmallow guns for the two oldest (and maybe a couple of more for Mom and Dad). The guns look more like a loaded caulk gun than anything you'd be scared for your teenager to carry around. I would have loved having this gift when I worked at the Computer Center at Chatham. However, working in an elementary school means that if I brought this in, it'd be confiscated 'til the end of the year...

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