Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kids Bowl for Free ( and grown-ups hardly have to pay anything!)

Our wonderful speech therapist sent me an email about this a while back but I paid no attention. However, our fourth grader is having a field trip to a local bowling alley and after working out all of the necessary accommodations/modifications, I had bowling on the brain. (When it seemed that we couldn't work things out for him to be able to participate because the 2nd floor alley didn't have ball ramps, we did a hard sell on why he should really choose something else. As soon as we had him convinced, everything came together so that he could participate with his class.)

Luckily, I'd saved the email (because I never think to throw anything out until there is just no other option) and found it quite easily. The alley closest to our home, which I know is accessible and has a ball ramp, was participating. I could sign up all of our kids (age limit 15 years) for two free games a day. I was thinking of rainy days in summer or days when I just need to take them somewhere with air conditioning. After I registered, an offer appeared for a $23.95 bowling pass for up to 4 adults (family members, babysitters, etc) for the whole summer. Since I didn't want to just sit and watch the kids bowl, I decided that it was worth it. Even if we just go a few times (or twice as a whole family) it'll work out.

The website shows locations across the country. You might want to check it out.

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  1. I didn't realize you could add babysitters. I might have to reconsider that family pass.