Friday, April 17, 2009

What free camps are in your area?

Search Google & local newspapers for free camps for your kids this summer. Our three youngest really enjoyed a three week day camp at our Children's Institute and it was specially designed to accomodate a variety of needs. In our area, the water treatment plant offers a camp that teaches kids the science behind purification of water in an environmentally friendly way. There is also a free camp for kids called "A Starfish can grow an arm, why can't I?" We are looking into a video game design camp for our oldest -- it's sponsored by local technology councils and is free of charge.As you go to the outskirts of our community, there are even more choices available.

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  1. I never thought to look for free camps (though Will may still be a bit young). We do pay to send him to a preschool age daycamp through or local parks and rec. It is actually really cheap compared to the other options around here!

  2. We actually started with the Pittsburgh CitiParks preschool and daycamp for Drew when he was that age. I was pregnant with Daniel then and it gave me a break knowing that Drew's time with me before Daddy came home could be unprogrammed.

    The nice thing is that most of the programs for that age are of short duration -- just to give a taste of the activities.