Sunday, February 1, 2009

A great day

We are blessed to have 3 different congregations within an hour's drive and we have worshipped with all of them at one time or another. We just started meeting with the church at Eastside -- we thought that we would stay with the group we knew and loved at Tomlinson Run, but there were several weeks in the last month that we could either take the parkway to meet at Eastside or not be able to go to services at all. Eastside just started meeting in the last year and we were meaning to go and visit. After gathering with them for several weeks when the roads were bad, we realized what a weight it was off of our shoulders to cut our drive time in half. I think that if we had visited Eastside in the middle of the gas price spikes, we might have made the decision sooner. But I am glad for the time that we spent with our sisters and brothers at TR.

Anyway, Bible class and worship were both very intense, in a good way. We are studying the Psalms in class and then a sermon on what the scriptures have to say about fasting. Both parts really encouraged me to concentrate and that's just what I need. Sometimes I have trouble staying "on task" when I'm trying to make sure that all four of my boys are doing what they should. Then I feel like apologizing to God for not being totally focused on worshipping Him. Other moms can make it look so easy!

I made sure that I planned for an easy meal when we came home so that my guys could watch the game. I'd put the barbeque chicken in one crockpot and green beans with bacon & onion in a smaller one. I got everything ready for the swiss & bacon (hmm - a recurring theme here to get plant materials consumed) potatoes and the honey butter biscuits. I'd have pineapple for fruit. Before I got dressed for services, the chicken and green beans were already starting to smell great.

We nearly had a mutiny on our hands after worship. We were invited over to eat with two families, but I'd already fixed our dinner at home. Eric and I conferred about picking up the crockpots and bringing them over to our closest invitation, but we ended up just letting our oldest go -- it was to my friends' who have twins his age.

So right now, the three littles are enjoying their weekend video game/computer time and Eric is parked in front of the tv -- it's Steelers 10, Cardinals 7.

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